Pet Services

Often dogs, along with other pets may not require a daily walk for a number of reasons but still require someone to check on them during the day. I am here to help, coming to let your pet out for 'comfort breaks', giving of medication, topping up of food and water and spending some quality time with your pet.

Dog Visits 
If your dog is house bound due to illness, surgery, mobility issues or age they will still benefit from some one stopping by to break up the day. 
As requested we can tend to your dog by offering
  • toilet breaks
  • feeding/changing of the water bowls
  • play and attention
  • some company to break up the day
  • giving of medication (if applicable) 
20 Min visits £6.50
Half hour visits £8

Cat Care
Many cats do not enjoy time in catteries, instead they prefer to be at home in their own territory. Daily or twice daily visits can be beneficial for your feline friend offering
  • Feeding/providing fresh water
  • Emptying of the litter trays
  • Brushing/Grooming
  • Play time and some one on one attention     
If you are away for an extended period of time I will open and close the curtains to give your house a lived in appearance, as well as picking up your mail. 
£8 per home visit 

Small Pet Care 
If you are going away and are struggling to find someone to look after your pet, I offer home visits for any manner of small animal from rabbits, to birds. 
These visits will include feeding, grooming, cleaning of cages, along with some love and stimulation. 
 £8 per  home visit

Pet Taxi
Available upon request 
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